A new concept of Travelling, a new style of Attention.

My name is William Fogg and I want to be your Personal Travel Advisor.

Active Attention

Share with me what you expect of your trip; you will get new ideas and proposals, I will focus your expectations. Together we will build, plan and design. I am someone you can ask, discuss with, someone to get to know.

Availability and Adaptability

You choose how we communicate: in person, by telephone, email, whatsapp or the new app you just discovered. We will meet where you choose in the moment it’s best for you. All are opportunities to know each other better and create a better experience.

Exclusive Experiencies

Thrilling instants that last in memory are the heart of any trip. In each destination you will have a choice of unique Experiences, and I am willing to explore any idea you might have and bring it to reality.

Unique Destinations

Each journey is created from zero, that is why you will not find a brochure here. I do have other trips I have prepared, to serve you as an inspiration.

Casual Luxury

I want to design the best trip that can be prepared for your personality, tastes and aspirations. Travelling is a special activity, best enjoyed indulging yourself and your companions.


If you are here reading this, we probably share a passion.

Our passion makes us look to the horizon, to want to dive in the variety and color of humanity, and of this incredible planet. To let ourselves be surprised by life, enjoy meeting new people, new landscapes.

Also, more than likely, right now we share a frustration.

The unstoppable tide of events conspires against us. A thousand questions and uncertainties haunt us when we think about starting a new project. What if they close the borders at my destination? What if they confine me? What if they cancel my flight? What if they don’t let me out? What about my money?

No matter how you are dealing with this situation and managing your frustrated urge to move, I have a message for you:

I am with you on this journey.

Contact me.


Designing an unforgettable journey anywhere in the planet is my passion, but these below are the destinations I can directly offer experiences you will always remember. If your chosen destination is not to be found here, it is an opportunity for me: In designing your trip, I will expand the range of Experiences and places in this section.