Tailor Made Luxury in Cuba

Exclusive Experiences.

Cuba is the essential Caribbean: Cuba is beach, relaxation and rum; Cuba is music, culture and dance. Cuba is subtle and complex, full of nuances to discover. His snapshots of outdoor life; its evocative aromas: papaya mixed with tobacco leaf, gasoline and that unmistakable old smell. Its culture had African echoes on a Spanish canvas, its music macerated in sauce. Cuba is a contradiction that will exasperate you in an instant to inspire you the next. And above all, Cuba is its people: a varied melting pot, good-humored and welcoming, that will provide you with unforgettable moments and memories. Whether it be touring Havana in a vintage car; enjoying the Caribbean on a private Catamaran Cruise; exploring the rich cultural activity of Havana, such as watching a Ballet rehearsal by the Compañía Nacional de Cuba; Or immersing yourself in popular Cuban culture by visiting a bodega, or state food store: You will explore Cuba like no one else does.

Tailor Made Luxury in Cuba – William Fogg

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