Tailor Made Luxury in India

Exclusive Experiences

A dream destination that will challenge your preconceptions and challenge you with its impossible mix of opposites. There is only one step from the most uninhibited luxury to the dirty and noisy streets, from the beauty of its natural landscapes to the chaos of its cities. With years of experience traveling and organizing trips around India, it is a destination where there are no limits when it comes to offering you experiences of all kinds. Enjoy the sunset toasting with champagne in the Thar desert, take High Tea in the Private Residence of the Maharaja Palace of Jaipur, visiting rooms of mirrors and gold to which tourists do not have access; Ride a vintage 1930s car around Udaipur, or visit the Taj Mahal in the light of the full moon. You will be amazed at all that can be done in India.

Tailor Made Luxury in India – William Fogg

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