Tailor Made Luxury in China

Exclusive Experiences

China, the Asian giant, Land of Emperors, is a huge and extensive destination that has experiences and visits to satisfy any traveler. China is changing at breakneck speed, and it is time to pack and visit a country that in the near future will no longer be the same. Exotic and stimulating, the contrast between its ancient culture and its cutting modernity is reflected in its cultural diversity, its food, and the variety of activities it offers. Authentic Beijing style lacquered duck dinner at the best restaurants in the capital; attend the millennial Peking Opera and talk behind the scenes with an actor while putting on makeup; private dinner in a 600-year-old temple; Be invited to a family dinner in a courtyard house of the Qing dynasty or enjoy the Liu San Jie light and color show, created by the famous director Zhang Yimou on the banks of the Li River. China is full of unforgettable activities to discover.

Tailor Made Luxury in China – William Fogg

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