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Exclusive Experiences

Find below a small Selection of Exclusive Experiences in the most attractive places in Croatia! Of course, I have prepared many more incredible experiences and activities in Croatia, so do not hesitate to contact me!
Truffle hunting, Istria. Begin this adventure with the Karlić family, whose third generation continues the search for truffles. These friendly hosts will tell you all about truffles, the truffle hunting tradition, and their truffle hunting dogs. The tasting of truffle products will be ready for you in a beautiful setting, and you will have the opportunity to buy truffle products in your store. The adrenaline rush you will experience during truffle hunting will certainly not leave you indifferent, because truffles are their love and their way of life.
Champagne and picnic at sunset, Hvar. A champagne sunset on top of the sunniest island in Europe and one of the ten most beautiful in the world, a paradise of natural beauty: yours to enjoy in solitary privacy. Surprise your loved one by taking them from the alluring beach and coastline of Hvar through a less traveled path: vineyards, olive groves, lavender fields and Dalamtian villages with the secrets of the area explained by your guide. Enjoy 360-degree panoramas of the Adriatic before relaxing to watch the sun fall seductively towards the island of Vis, and behind that, Italy.
Edivo Vina underwater cellar, Peljesac. About one hour north of Dubrovnik, in the town of Drače, on the Pelješac peninsula, is the country’s first underwater winery: Edivo Vina.
The wine is first aged for three months and then stored in amphorae under water for one or two years. The unique storage of these jugs gives the wine a distinctive pinewood aroma. All bottles are corked, and two layers of rubber are added to prevent salt water from leaking and wine from leaking. The amphoras are packed in cages and locked to prevent unwanted divers from being carried away. The sea provides natural cooling in ideal conditions and perfect silence under water improves quality. You can put on a wetsuit and see the winery for yourself or head to the store where you will have the opportunity to sample the wines along with a tasting plate of your choice.
Oyster Tasting, Mali Ston. The picturesque town of Ston with its small sister city of Mali Ston are fortified medieval towns situated on either side of the narrow isthmus that links the Peljesac peninsula with the mainland. Rich in history, they are places of culinary excellence. The city is famous for its oysters harvested from local oyster banks. You can try the excellent local white wine, Posip, and two excellent reds. We will take a scenic ride in a beautiful wooden boat through Mali Ston Bay. You will visit the oyster farms and fresh oysters will be harvested, which you will taste fresh from the sea. Enjoy the oyster tasting along with the homemade Rakia (Brandy).
Dinner with Tatjana and her family, Trogir. Deep inside a 13th century palace in Trogir, stands a kitchen. Not just any ordinary kitchen, but one that is so full of love and passion that this incredible warmth spreads through the streets and catches the attention of passersby. This kitchen, unlike any kitchen, has its own pulse: It belongs to Tatjana Ciciliani. A brilliant chef, a culinary artist, mother, wife, friend of all. Tatjana is the type of person you meet for the first time and you immediately wish you had known her forever, her kindness and joy in living is simply contagious. After spending a night with her, you will not only be incredibly inspired, but you will also feel like you have traveled to the center of Croatia: You will learn more about Croatian culture in this unique experience than you can imagine.

Cooking class at the Pelegrini Restaurant, Michelin star, Sibenik.
Considered by many to be the best restaurant in the region, Pelegrini in Sibenik, which overlooks the unique stone church of St. James, there may be some better presentations of Dalmatian cuisine, but if you join us in our exclusive Private Cooking Class At Pelegrini, your presentation will be even more impressive: a cooking class with owner and chef Rudi Stefan!
Fresh local produce and seasonal availability are key to quality Dalmatian food, and your tour begins with a visit to the traditional Sibenik Green Market, where Rudi will show you how to select the best of the day, before heading back to the Renaissance palace of the infamous Pelegrini to start the lesson. Sample dishes, depending on the season and your preference, are beef legs in sherry juice with roasted vegetables, monkfish served with almond sauce, ricotta and zucchini crackers, or sea bass fillets with honey-roasted Dalmatian truffles and goat cheese sauce.
After an intriguing morning of discovery in Rudi’s kitchen, it’s time to taste the fruits of his labor, and lunch is served in the restaurant, accompanied by great conversation and local wines, some of which are the most famous in Croatia.
Tailor Made Luxury in Croatia – William Fogg

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