Tailor Made Luxury in Italy

Exclusive Experiences

Find below a small Selection of Exclusive Experiences in the most attractive places in Italy! Of course, I have prepared many more incredible experiences and activities in Italy, so do not hesitate to contact me!
White truffle Hunt, Langhe. Learn the secrets of finding Alba’s renowned white truffle from a local expert. A journey between colors, aromas and genuine flavors through towns rich in art and culture.
Vintage car among vineyards and oak groves, Langhe. Hills that stretch as far as the eye can see, ancient towns and castles on top, a succession of gentle slopes and vineyards whose rows draw perfect geometries. A corner of Italy with a strong identity, where you can forget about time.
Vintage Vespa tour in Chianti, Tuscany. Be inspired by an exclusive vintage Vespa tour between the vineyard covered hills and picturesque villages. The Chianti hills are dotted with medieval towns, castles, churches, abbeys, farms and villas that follow one another on a journey that celebrates the inventiveness of man. Centuries of history and work have shaped the hills of this region, giving life to a gentle alternation of forests, olive trees and vineyards.

Picnic among the vines in Chianti, Tuscany. Surprise your partner with a romantic picnic between the vines. The magic of Chianti flows from the bottles of that wine that the world envies Italy.

Private cruise through the Aeolian Islands, Sicily. Recover energy with an exclusive cruise through the magical Aeolian Islands. Sicily is a plural, changing and contradictory island, like the most complex of the continents.
Throughout the centuries it has been a meeting point for western and eastern culture, Africa and Europe, merchants and travelers from all over the world. Each one has left his legacy without being able to change it. There is the Sicily liberty of Palermo and the baroque of Noto; the world of Taormina and the secluded Erice; the bustling and multicolored market of the Vucciría in Palermo and the silent and ancient of the Villa Romana in Piazza Armerina. Nature also shows with its colors: the pink of the salt flats; the red of the lava of Etna and Stromboli; the blue of the sea; the yellow and red of ripe citrus.
Staying in a lighthouse suspended over the sea, Sardinia. Listen to the sound of nature staying in a lighthouse suspended above the sea. Arid and rugged inland, cozy on the coast where it becomes an island of beautiful beaches, Sardinia is an island with a peculiar geographical and cultural personality. A unique entity, almost a continent in itself, with very varied and unmistakable landscapes. Magical island for its beauty, proud of its origins, genuine in its traditions, rich in works of art and surprising in gastronomy. It is a mysterious and at the same time hospitable island; reserved and intimate, but also glamorous and cool. In short, it is an island full of contrasts. 
Tour the Amalfi Coast aboard the most indigenous vehicle, the Ape Calessino. Emperors, writers, composers … all have been seduced by the charms of the Amalfi Coast and its islands: Capri, Ischia and Procida. A true paradise, a destination for national and international tourists since Roman times and a symbol of “La Dolce Vita” in the 1950s. The blue of the sea and the green of the Mediterranean maquia blend with the architectural elements to create one of the most beautiful tours in Italy. The winding road cuts through deep valleys, wraps around the rock spurs above the sea, descends towards the beach and then rises again, in a succession of foreshortenings and breathtaking views.
Tailor Made Luxury in Italy – William Fogg

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